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This week, Earthlings were introduced to one of the most important images ever taken by humanity: the first image of a black hole event horizon. space, science, space While this softly glowing orange donut was undoubtedly the star of the show, the breakthrough was also celebrated as a momentous day for women in science. Dr Katherine [...]

  Fame is fleeting, and people pass in and out of the zeitgeist all the time. But sometimes celebrities get yanked out of the spotlight in the most bizarre, dramatic way possible. celebrity gossip, celebrity gossip, celebrity For example … 18 Entry by Andrea Meno celebrity gossip, celebrity gossip, celebrity 17 celebrity gossip, celebrity gossip, [...]

They say the world is a small place and that success breeds success. You needn’t look farther than these family connections to see how true both those statements are. Below are some of the best, found by our readers — winner got 100 bucks … 21 Entry by TurtleBoy 20 Entry by ignomirelli 19 Entry [...]

The 5 Most Embarrassing Relatives Of Famous People

Every family has its black sheep. The Hearsts had Patty, the Sheens have Charlie, and the Baldwins have …. all of the Baldwins. But it turns out those famous kooks were at the top of their game, because plenty of celebs have embarrassing kin who are too incompetent to even cash in on their famous [...]

Please Stop Talking: The Worst Celebrity Life Advice

Celebrities are good for some things. They entertain us, they sometimes use their oodles of money for the good of others, and the occasional scandal is always absurdly, darkly entertaining. celebrity gossip, celebrity gossip, celebrity What they’re not good at is giving useful advice. And it’s not their fault — being well-informed definitely isn’t in [...]

It’s A Living: 28 Bizarre Jobs Celebs Had To Do

  Just like regular people, famous people have had their share of weird jobs. We just never think about them, because we always picture them doing important, serious things, and sitting around their mansions counting their antique vases or something. But as it turns out, celebrities have done some incredibly weird things for money. For [...]

Nasa Received An SOS Call From Another Galaxy?

NASA detected, intercepted, and decoded a mathematically-based distress signal from a purportedly doomed planetoid outside our own galaxy. space, science, earth science, NASA The signal was detected in January of 1998 but, however and as it might be expected, it took many years to properly decode the message. NASA experts claim science to have intercepted [...]

Mars is one of the planets in our solar system that humans know most about, and for good reason. The “Red Planet” has been lauded by scientists because of its similarity to Earth. The similarity convinces many that humans may be able to fashion a second home out of it. Especially considering near-apocalyptic warnings science about the [...]

NASA has turned science fiction into science fact by announcing the discovery of hidden ‘portals’ in Earth’s magnetic field. science, earth science, space Called X-points or electron diffusion regions, rather than being intergalactic folds in space leading to different galaxies and planets, these portals aid in the transfer of the magnetic field from the Sun [...]

When NASA explored Jupiter’s Moon Europa in 1997, the Galileo Spacecraft flew through a ‘blast’ of alien ocean water, a new study has revealed. The hidden waters of Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons, have become the primary objective in the search for extraterrestrial life for space agencies around the globe. Now, thanks to a new [...]